Holy Spirit in the Gospels Week 2

Sermon Notes

Study Questions:
1. What OT prophet prophesied and made reference to the outpouring and active role of the Holy Spirit in the last days?
2. Christ was empowered by the Holy Spirit to overcome Satan in the desert.  What does that mean for you and me.
3. The Apostles walked with Jesus and observed all that he did.  Were they given authority and power to do those same things?

4. Why would man be no longer comfortless when the Holy Spirit comes?

Scripture References:

Matt 3:13-17,  Luke 6:17,  John 6:2,  John 14:17-27,  John 1:1-7,  Luke 6:19,  Luke 9:1,  Acts 2:14,  Matt 4:24,  Matt 8:16,  Matt 13:13,  John 16:7-11,  Luke 4:40,  John 2:11,  John 13:1-3