After 25 years of outwardly successful ministry, Mark Drake resigned out of deep, personal emptiness. In 1994 Mark Drake found himself in the midst of a “book of Acts” outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Miracles became a daily part of the church life. Though Mark was in the midst of the outpouring he’d always prayed for, he remained personally untouched for three long years. During that time his heart was exposed, his motivations challenged and his ambitions crushed. When he had all but given up hope that God would ever visit him again, the Holy Spirit fell on him in a dramatic 17 day encounter.


His Pastor, Rick Shelton, sent Mark and his family to help spread the fire of Revival and give hope to those who have given up. The anointing God has placed on Mark Drake is to bring people into the presence of God and teach them how to become channels for Him. The goal is to be changed into His image, from glory to glory, that we may all become instruments He can use to reach the nations.
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