Seeds Planted

Your story begins with my seed Abraham
He saw Christ’s time and rejoiced in my plan.
From Abraham the seed would now come
You are His offspring fulfilling God’s plan
Impacting the nations in your day and time
Fulfilling the vision that started with Him.
What I started in you can never be stopped
No man can close what I open up
Your seed will go to every distant shore
Resulting in trees growing all over the world.
Your tale in time I have already told
Spoken by me before you were born
Every detail only I have known
I hold in may hand your victor’s crown.
I will take care of the things that seem are undone
You see, your seed is moving across the globe
In vast numbers that, 
In this life will remain untold.
I have met with your angel
Who has opened the scroll 
And has read of the names 
Of the seed you have sown.
Have no concern when your labor comes to an end
You see, many seeds out of you will carry on.
Many more trees will be planted before time comes to an end
You have been faithful with my work that was well done.

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