Divorce Care

Wednesdays 9-9-20 through 12-2-20
If you are experiencing separation or divorce, then you are facing what is probably the most painful experience of your life.  You need support, answers, and helpful direction.  You need a place where you can ask questions, share experiences, and begin to heal.  In a video seminar each week you’ll watch a 30-minute video with sound advice and helpful insights on managing emotions and divorce-related stresses.  After the video, there will be a group discussion.  You will also receive a DivorceCare book filled with purposeful articles and exercises to help you move through the healing process.
You will:
* Find healthy ways to deal with loneliness
* Gain control of your anger
* Learn to communicate more effectively with you’re ex and others
* Grow in confidence and peace
* Get a better handle on your emotions
* Find hope for the future

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